Over 40 years of experience

At M&B MAG, we develop and manufacture a variety of products in aluminum, magnesium and steel. Products produced by us include: CONCRETE BUCKETS & CONCRETE PLACING ACCESSORIES, MAGNESIUM PRODUCTS, LOADING DOCK EQUIPMENT, TENT FRAMES & COMPONENTS, DIAMOND DRILLING TRIPODS, as well as a wide range of custom metal products.

We are dedicated to developing and manufacturing products that help increase efficiency and improve safety. We enjoy the challenge of building to your specifications to achieve these ends. Ease of handling is a priority for us, with many of our products being made of lightweight aluminum and magnesium.

After 40 years, we continue to improve our design and engineering systems taking pride in bringing you high quality at a reasonable cost.

Highest Standards

We manufacture to the highest applicable industry standards. We are qualified to the Department of National Defense inspection standards and our cementation mineshaft buckets are manufactured to Ministry of Labour standards.

Thank You

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